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Rebel Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing is an Arizona tattoo business with three shops. Rebel Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing  was established in 2010.  Duane and Ronna first thought of Rebel Ink Tattoo while working for The State of Arizona. They were seeking a new investment opportunity, then came Rebel Ink, the rest is History. Cricket and Ronna have always had a passion for the Art of Tattooing, they have had the pleasure of being Tattooed by many great Artist’s through the years.  

The Rebel Ink Crew  takes pride in both cleanliness of the shop and excellent customer service.  Our tattoo shops use nothing but the best equipment, best needles and piercing supplies with the best Germicidal Solutions to assure proper sterilization is being processed with every utensil  used in the shop. Rebel Ink uses disposable needles and after a Tattoo Procedure or piercing is complete the needles from the procedures are thrown away in a red Bio Hazard bucket and them is properly disposed of.   At Rebel Ink Tattoo we  guarantee all of our art work, with every Tattoo done in our shop you will receive a free touch up if needed. Cricket and Ronna and The Rebel Crew Zo, Hanalei, Angie, Marsh, Jack, Johnny, Ghost, Cat, Tony, Melanie, Seth, and Roach all look forward to meeting you and working together to create your ultimate and most desired new Tattoo.